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This website contains the SPTK class library related materials. This library is using FLTK 1.x/2.x library for GUI classes. If you need UTF8 support in your FLTK 1.x application, then you can use FLTK 1.3. FLTK 2.x supports unicode for any 2.x version.

SPTK uses GPL/LGPL License Agreement that can be found here.

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If you are brave and impatient you can get SPTK source code from SVN. The instruction is here. The complete SPTK changes history is presented in the websvn access .

For all your questions/suggestions/bugfixes to SPTK, as well as for general discussion sign up for our mailing list sptk@total-knowledge.com by sending mail to subscribe e-mail address . Archives can be found at here.



Bug fix release

  • Fixed incorrect reading of response to HTTP request
  • Fixed Windows build for PostgreSQL/MySQL/Oracle drivers
  • Modified CVariant::AsBool() to return false on NULL value
  • Fixed bug in CQuery that recognized PG datatype qualifiers as parameters
  • Added search for required libraries in both 'Program Files' and 'Program Files (x86)' directories (on Windows)
  • Fixed bug in CRegExp::replaceAll method
  • Fixed several bugs in Oracle driver
  • Fixed several bugs in MySQL driver
  • Added CCommandLine class and usage example

The tar bzip2 archive is here: download. The zip archive is here: download.



Bug fix release

  • Fixed bug in CBase64 class: added encoded buffer zero-termination. Bug showed up only on Windows systems.
  • Fixed bug in CSMTPConnect: replaced LF- command termination with CRLF. Added support for no-user/pass connection. Bug showed up on connections to Exchange servers.
  • Added support of not authenticated login to SMTP servers (empty username and password). Useful when connecting to open SMTP relay.

The tar bzip2 archive is here: download. The zip archive is here: download.


SPTK 5.1.15

Bug fix release

  • Web Service support: fixed parsing of the complex type
  • Web Service support: added methods copyFrom() and clear() to generated classes
  • Web Service support: added initial support for elements multiplicity definition
  • TCP Server: Modified CTCPServerConnection to allow deriving SSL connections
  • Logging: fixed log concurrency race conditions
  • Thread: fixed memory leak in CThread class

The tar bzip2 archive here: download.


SPTK 5.1.12

Bug fix release

  • Fixed timezone bug in CDateTime
  • Fixed handling of dateTime type in WSDateTime - to use universal date format that includes timezone.
  • Fixed bug in WS code generator that produced incorrect WS response.
  • Fixed compilation and install of database drivers on Windows
  • Added CMake module FindSPTK.cmake - to simplify usage of SPTK in CMake projects.

The tar bzip2 archive here: download.

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