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This website contains the SPTK class library related materials. This library is using FLTK 1.x/2.x library for GUI classes. If you need UTF8 support in your FLTK 1.x application, then you can use FLTK 1.3. FLTK 2.x supports unicode for any 2.x version.

SPTK uses GPL/LGPL License Agreement that can be found here.

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If you are brave and impatient you can get SPTK source code from SVN. The instruction is here. The complete SPTK changes history is presented in the websvn access .

For all your questions/suggestions/bugfixes to SPTK, as well as for general discussion sign up for our mailing list sptk@total-knowledge.com by sending mail to subscribe e-mail address . Archives can be found at here.


SPTK 5.2.4

All the classes but FLTK-related, lost leading 'C' in class names. So, instead of using CBuffer, now we use just Buffer. If you want to continue using existing code with old class names, simply declare someting like:

typedef sptk::Buffer CBuffer;

  • Re-worked iterators in FieldList class, mostly to make it suitable for extended 'for' loop.
  • Fixed bug in XML encoder.
  • Fixed race conditions in DateTime class.
  • Fixed race conditions in HTTPParams.
  • Fixed incorrect daylight savings offset in DateTime class.
  • Fixed memory leak in DirectoryDS.
  • Methods grep() and join() in Strings are made const. Added replace() method.
  • Class idstring renamed to String, to move towards Java String class, and added methods: split(), toUpperCase(), toLowerCase(), matches(), startWith(), endWith().
  • Changed implementation of Logger, to exclude race conditions.
  • Fixed race conditions in TCPSocket
  • The tar bzip2 archive is here: download. The zip archive is here: download.


    SPTK 5.2.0

    Starting from this release, SPTK switches of support for non-C++11 compliant compilers. This means, for example, that threads are now using C++11 classes instead of native OS APIs.

    There are, of course some enhancements and bug fixes:

    • In CRegExp class, added methods split() and matches(). Also, added workaround for PCRE error in optimization (AKA study) of some regular expressions.
    • In CStrings class, added join() and grep() methods and move ctor. Also, added SM_REGEXP delimiter mode in ctor.
    • Added support for executing unprepared queries for PostgreSQL and MySQL
    • Added draft support for executing SQL batch files for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle

    The tar bzip2 archive is here: download. The zip archive is here: download.

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