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This website contains the SPTK class library related materials. This library is using FLTK 1.x/2.x library for GUI classes. If you need UTF8 support in your FLTK 1.x application, then you can use FLTK 1.3. FLTK 2.x supports unicode for any 2.x version.

SPTK uses GPL/LGPL License Agreement that can be found here.

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If you are brave and impatient you can get SPTK source code from SVN. The instruction is here. The complete SPTK changes history is presented in the websvn access .

For all your questions/suggestions/bugfixes to SPTK, as well as for general discussion sign up for our mailing list sptk@total-knowledge.com by sending mail to subscribe e-mail address . Archives can be found at here.


SPTK 5.1.9

Back from oblivion

After some technical problems with the hosting, we are back online. Unfortunately, old (archived) 5.x tarballs are lost. The only old version available is 5.1.7.

The latest tar bzip2 archive here: download.


SPTK 5.1.7

Minor fixes release, focused on better support for CLang compiler. CLang compiler didn't strike me as anyhow special compiler. But simply because it may be used by someone, and such attempt would print way to many compile-time warnings, I decided to give it a try. Today, many of the compile warnings are fixed, and some are blocking since they make no sense (for me). The compile options for Clang were set to most pedantic possible, though.

There is one limitation, though. FLTK 1.3 that SPTK is optionally using, is not prepared for compiling with that warning level, so compiling SPTK with FLTK support is going to trigger many warnings.

  • Added better support for Clang with strict options
  • Fixed many compile warnings (with Clang)

The tar bzip2 archive here: download.


SPTK 5.1.6

This minor release is dedicated to Windows. We just reported that Windows compilation was broken with FLTK version change. Several things stopped working simultaneously. Also, it was pointed out, that building SPTK+FLTK on Windows is not trivial. This resulted in following changes:

  • Updated HowTo on compiling SPTK on Windows
  • Fixed FLTK and PCRE CMake modules for more reliable locating of said libraries
  • Fixed multiple warnings compiling on Windows
  • Fixed loading themes on Windows
  • Fixed button icons
  • Fixed color profile in PNG button images to avoid libpng warning when openning these images

The tar bzip2 archive here: download.


SPTK 5.1.3

This minor release is dedicated to CRegExp class. The major changes are:

  • Fixed incompatibility with old (prior to 8.x) versions of PCRE.
  • Increased matching == and != operations performance by interrupting as soon as result is determined, instead of more universal approach 'find match count'
  • Increased string extraction performance by minimizing sting copy operations
  • Added support for output pattern (second argument in Perl 's' command

The tar bzip2 archive here: download.


SPTK 5.1.2

This is a bug-fix release, patching Firebird driver for correct fetching NULL data. The tar bzip2 archive here: download.


SPTK 5.1.1

After an unsuccessful attempt to compile new c++11 SPTK on RHEL6, there was an enlightenment that future, sometimes, is a bit more remote. RHEL6 still uses GCC 4.4.7, released in March 2012. The problem is resolved by adding c++11-compatible compiler, and CMake option to switch off c++11 code if needed. In that case, on *nux, SPTK uses old code. On Windows, since the last three versions of MS Visual Studio support c++11, that option should be always on.

You can get it as tar bzip2 archive here: download.

The older news are saved here.

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