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Several examples of the SPTK themes. They are made as copies of the popular themes, developed by some other people. They are also incomplete. Some of the widgets (like scrollbars, for instance) are still not supported by the themes. For unsupported widgets, only the look of the boxes is modified.

The screenshots below belong to the examples/cgroup_test.

Standard look.
Standard look of FLTK and SPTK widgets.
The Blue theme.
The Blue theme. Developed by me inside 15 minutes and looks not too nice.

The OSX theme.
The OSX theme. Copied from the 'Expose' theme of Mac OS X.
The Flat OSX theme.
The modified OSX theme with flat buttons.

The Keramic theme.
The Keramic theme. Copied from the 'Keramic' theme of KDE 3.
The Opera theme.
The Opera theme. Copied from the Opera 7.5 default look.

The E17 theme.
The E17 theme. Inspired by the 'E17' Window Manager.
The Dark theme.
The Dark theme. Inspired by the Dark Forces.

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